Week two at Back Bay Mission has been even more life-changing than the first. This week I have been able to spend much more time in the Micah Day Center, which is truly what I wanted to do ever since I applied for this internship in the first place. Ms. Deborah has shown me how to be kind yet stern at the same time, which is not always an easy thing for me to balance. Yet, I think I am getting better at it the more I get to know our guests. I also was able to shadow Ms. Kirsten when she was interviewing some of her clients, which is a process I wasn’t aware was a part of Back Bay Mission. It is a process that lets Ms. Kirsten get to know our clients without seeming overbearing and invasive, which I found impressive and effective. I was able to assist Ms. Mary in making pamphlets for her “Healthy Weight Loss Class” and I felt very accomplished about that like super accomplished (ask anyone who saw me after I made it). On another note, I went to a Baptist Church for the first time this past Wednesday, and to say the least, it changed my life and is one of my favorite experiences I’ve had down here, so far. Two weeks in and Back Bay Mission has already exceeded my expectations.

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