Every year, hundreds of volunteers from across the United States come to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to volunteer with Back Bay Mission. This includes regular volunteers from our own community, businesses hoping to serve in our community, congregations from the United Church of Christ & other denominations, and interns.

We take pride in providing unparalleled volunteer opportunities where volunteers can serve, learn, and grow.

Mission Trips

Mission trips at Back Bay Mission are some of the best service-learning experiences in the United States. During your week on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you’ll have the chance to serve in three of the Mission’s ministries, learn about the work we do on the Coast, explore how you can do similar work in your community, and grow in both faith & fellowship.

See below to learn more about mission trips at Back Bay Mission.

Once you’re ready to reserve your date – or if you would like more information – please email our volunteer coordinator.

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How You'll Serve

During your time on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you’ll have the opportunity to serve in three of the Mission’s ministries: housing rehabilitation, the food pantry, and the Micah Day Center. Sometimes, there will also be the opportunity to take part in special projects at the Mission

Housing rehabilitation is easily our most well-known ministry. This vital program restores and renovates houses for low-income homeowners on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and ensures that those homeowners have maintainable, sustainable, and affordable housing for years to come. During your time with this ministry, you’ll repair homes for low-income homeowners and may have the opportunity to meet the families you serve. Work can include framing, roofing, installing drywall, painting, installing cabinetry, and other construction projects.

Back Bay Mission operates the only client choice food pantry on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (that we’re aware of). This ministry allows the people it serves to choose from a selection of food. By doing so, it allows the people it serves to meet their dietary needs and preferences, as well as helping them maintain their dignity. During your time with this ministry, you’ll help clients as they select food from the pantry.

The Micah Day Center provides a safe, hospitable place for homeless and low-income individuals and families to be during the day. Guests are able to take showers and have laundry done. The Micah Center also provides a phone number, mailing address, and internet access. Finally, the Mission regularly invites other agencies, employers, and housing agencies to serve guests at the Micah Center. This makes it a one-stop-shop for guests. During your time with this ministry, you’ll clean showers, help with general tasks, and have opportunities to speak with – and listen to – guests.

From time to time, other ministries of Back Bay Mission – as well as partner organizations – need volunteers. When these opportunities are there, we’ll invite mission trip volunteers to take part. From office filing to serving at a local soup kitchen, these are great opportunities to understand the Mission and the surrounding community.

Lodging and Meals

The Mission House offers the perfect place to develop a sense of community and engage in both group and individual learning and recreation.

Common areas include a large dining and gathering area and a small living room area with a couch, chairs and television. A partially screened front porch with ceiling fans and seating encourages relaxing conversation.

Two spacious dormitory style sleeping areas provide beds for up to a total of 44 people. In order to keep Mission costs low and ensure that our resources can go to those in need, volunteers are expected to provide their own bed linens or sleeping bags as well as toiletry items and towels. Pillows are available in the Mission House, as are a washer and dryer for laundry.

Because an important part of community life is eating together, volunteer groups are responsible for their own meals. The Mission House includes a commercial grade kitchen which provides an excellent place for meal preparation for both small and large groups. Kitchen equipment includes two gas ranges, two convection ovens, a walk-in cooler, a large freezer and a dishwasher. The kitchen also includes a wide variety of cooking utensils, cutlery and dishes. Spices, seasonings and other staples left behind by previous volunteers are regularly checked for freshness by Mission staff.

Some groups prefer to check out the many excellent restaurants in the Biloxi area. Staff are happy to help with their recommendations.

Dining Area

Living Room


Bunk Room

Front Porch

Screened Porch

Group Requirements

Maximum Group Size: Most volunteer weeks are capped at 40 participants. We accept three larger groups each year. Larger groups are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Skill Ratio Requirements: All groups are required to have at least one skilled person (a professional or accomplished hobbyist) for every five participants. For example, a group of 40 must have at least four skilled volunteers.

Age Ratio Requirements: All groups are required to have at least one adult for every five participants. For example, a group of 40 must have at least eight adults.


Volunteer groups must pay two fees:

Each group must pay an administrative fee of $200, regardless of group size. This fee must be paid when the group’s reservation is accepted.

Each volunteer must pay a fee of $250. This fee covers ministry materials, educational materials, and lodging at the Mission House.

Local Opportunities

Back Bay Mission has many opportunities for Gulf Coast residents searching for a one-time or regular volunteer experiences. Volunteer opportunities may be available for both program areas and administrative support.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities, and to apply, please contact our director of development.

The Shari Prestemon Social Justice Internship

The Shari Prestemon Social Justice Internship is a unique opportunity for people between the ages of 19 and 35 to participate in a ten week summer program at Back Bay Mission. Supervised by Mission staff, interns work in each of the Mission’s ministry while concentrating in areas of special interest. Interns also have the chance to meet with staff from the Mission’s partner agencies.

The internship is named for former Back Bay Mission Executive Director Shari Prestemon, who first came to the Mission as an intern before serving on our board and, eventually, as executive director.

Past Interns

Ashlee Beaver (2018)

Kiarah Roseau (2018)

Katy Morton (2017)

Naiomi Gonzalez (2017)

Sharrell Shippen (2016)

Sheryl Garcia (2016)

Nina Lester (2015)

Not Pictured

Diarra Molock (2014)

Bethany Beaver (2014)

What the Mission Provides

We know that it can be hard to take ten weeks off during the summer, move to a new place, and work with complete strangers. To help our interns, the Mission provides generously for them while they’re with us.

Back Bay Mission pays the cost of transportation to Biloxi at the beginning of the intern’s stay and for transportation home at the end. We also provide housing in a cottage on the Mission’s campus. Finally, the Mission provides a generous stipend while the intern is with us.

How to Apply

We are not currently accepting applications for the Sheri Prestemon Social Justice Internship.

Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering at Back Bay Mission is a great way for team building and giving back to the community.

To arrange for your team to volunteer at Back Bay Mission, please contact our director of development.