Our current Bridges Out of Poverty participants have agreed to share some pieces they wrote about their lives before and during the Bridges Out of Poverty classes. We’re sharing them with in a series of posts. We’ve put the originals below as images, and typed them out (as close to verbatim as possible) below that.

Before starting Bridges my life was very different. My self esteem was extremely lower than now. I west through a lot of depression moments. At the point where I blocked my husband and kids out.

Now while being in Bridges I’ve regained that old me back. Motivated to look for work, I just wish someone will hire me. My goal is to take care of my families with having no worries about where the next meal will come from. My husband works, by the time all the bills get paid, we don’t have enough for savings.

My girls talk to me now. I’m so glad we have a better relationship. My husband and I also communicate more. There is still a little stress but not as much so therefore I unblocked myself from my family. We are working getting our credit strait to get this new house that I claim in the name of Jesus. I’m working on my do’s and don’ts. Started a daily schedule so I won’t spend too much time watching t.v. and eating. My dream are to be able to supply for my babies and get them in the best colleges out there. Last but not least get out of poverty.

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