At Back Bay Mission, we’re focused on meeting the immediate needs of the poor and marginalized of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and helping people begin their journeys out of poverty. This year, we’re hoping to strengthen three critical ministries that help people on those journeys.

This year, we’re raising $150,000 to strengthen three vital ministries: Bridges Out of Poverty, our community health initiatives, and our veterans’ support fund. These ministries meet the immediate needs of the people committed to moving out of poverty. These initiatives provide education, information, and a network of support as people do the work required to move toward sustainability.

About Our Sustainability Ministries

Bridges Out of Poverty

Bridges out of Poverty helps people move out of poverty through an evidence-based curriculum that includes mentoring. A 16-week class helps participants create plans and strategies what will help them achieve their goals. During and after that class, participants receive mentoring from community members as well as ongoing support from Mission staff.

Community Health Initiatives

Community health initiatives help people be good stewards of their health. Through classes and activities, participants learn about common health problems and how to prevent them. Through case management, people with health problems are supported through their illness. Together, these initiatives address the barriers caused by poor health, make our community healthier, and position our neighbors for sustainability.

The Veterans Support Fund

The veterans support fund gives immediate help to veterans who hit a bump on the road to self-sustainability. This fund helps veterans fix their cars, buy clothes for job interviews, and overcome other obstacles on the way to a better life.

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