Our current Bridges Out of Poverty participants have agreed to share some pieces they wrote about their lives before and during the Bridges Out of Poverty classes. We’re sharing them with in a series of posts. We’ve put the originals below as images, and typed them out (as close to verbatim as possible) below that.

I’m 28 yrs old. I’ve been on my own since I was 18 yrs old. I’m a very kindful and outgoing person. I have a family I call my own, being dependent on myself is my motto.

That’s all I knew up onto 5-6 yrs ago, when I helped the wrong person. I was forced to be put out my own home I worked so hard to earn, thinking I had a friend to call my own, I beat myself up for years about this. Then I found a away to manage. No I feel that I let myself down and my family.

I’m currently in the process of moving. Don’t know which way to go, but I refuse to give up AGAIN. My children look up to 2 me, I can’t take them thru that again. I look at life as a challenge. I forgot about faith but came to reality that that’s all I have. I don’t too much fool w/ my own family, that’s why I am not going to show my children that route, I refuse to raise my kids up in this devilish world as they need to depend on this, NOT I.

I’m very educated, currently employed, awaiting my time to shine. Seems as tho every time I see a lighting, something blocks me, but I maneuver. I’ve been here before, maybe lower, but I will rise. I honestly don’t have friends, I hold a lot in. At some point I see an explosion, but I carry on.

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