Housing rehabilitation is a staple of Back Bay Mission’s ministry. This program helps people stay in their homes by making necessary renovations and repairs. Whether someone has lost their home to a fire, needs renovations to make it accessible to someone with a disability, or requires regular maintenance the family can’t afford, we’re there for them.

But we don’t only help people meet their immediate housing needs. We also work with our housing rehabilitation clients learn how to maintain those homes. By working carefully with homeowners and partner organizations, we give people the tools they need for a better future.

Figures in this report reflect services provided from January 1, 2016 – September 30, 2016.

You can also download a print-friendly version of this report.

Please note that this is an unaudited report. These numbers may not perfectly reflect services provided.

Services Provided 

New Houses Completed 

1st Quarter: 0

2nd Quarter: 0

3rd Quarter: 0

Major Rehabs Completed 

1st Quarter: 0

2nd Quarter: 0

3rd Quarter: 1

Minor Rehabs Completed 

1st Quarter: 2

2nd Quarter: 0

3rd Quarter: 1

Active Projects

1st Quarter: 11

2nd Quarter: 15

3rd Quarter: 14

Completed Projects

1st Quarter: 2

2nd Quarter: 0

3rd Quarter: 2

Projects Currently on Active List 

This number reflects projects we’re currently working on and projects on the waiting list.



Churches and Organizations 

1st Quarter: 18

2nd Quarter: 18

3rd Quarter: 6


1st Quarter: 339

2nd Quarter: 278

3rd Quarter: 127


1st Quarter: 7,399

2nd Quarter: 8,792

3rd Quarter: 2,842

Value and Volunteer Hours

1st Quarter: $132,984

2nd Quarter: $158,256

3rd Quarter: $51,156

How You Can Help 

Since 1969, Back Bay Mission’s housing rehabilitation ministry has been a powerful force on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Whether helping low-income families stay in their homes, rebuilding after a natural disaster, or providing youth and adults from across the United States with an unparalleled mission trip experience, we are strengthening neighborhoods, seeking justice, and transforming lives.

Now, we need your help.

Back Bay Mission’s housing rehabilitation ministry became the powerful ministry that it is by coming through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As we’ve travelled further from that disaster, however, the nation’s attention has shifted elsewhere and many of the organizations that came here to help have moved on.

But Back Bay Mission is still here.

The waiting list of homeowners seeking help is more than two years long and we receive several inquiries every week. Without your help, many families will lose their homes.

To meet this need, we’re raising $200,000 in 2016 for housing rehabilitation projects in 2017. We hope you’ll be a part of it.

Strengthen neighborhoods, seek justice, and transform lives. Make a gift today.

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