Housing restoration is a staple of Back Bay Mission’s ministry. This program helps low-income families stay in their homes by making necessary renovations and repairs. Our professional and highly capable staff oversees volunteers from across the United States as they strengthen neighborhoods, seek justice, and transform lives.

About the Program

Back Bay Mission takes on about 20 housing restoration projects each year. These range from simple scrape-and-paint projects through making houses accessible to people with disabilities to completely rebuilding homes that have been damaged or have fallen into disrepair. At the end of the restoration process, each house is sustainable, maintainable, and affordable.

About Our Clients

Clients seeking housing restoration must be the sole owner of the home and use it as their primary residence. They must also have a household income no greater than 80% of the area median household income. Clients who are unable to use the home as their primary residence at the time of application must plan on living in the home once repairs are complete. Clients who share ownership of the home with siblings or others must convince the other owners to quit claim of the deed.