This week we were tasked with a responsibility that we had never been asked to do before: run the Micah Day Center. Ms. Debra, Ms. Sarah, and Ms. Kirsten were not going to be there on Friday, so Kairah and I were to be in charge. So, we followed Ms. Debra around on Wednesday, watching over everything that she did for the Center on a daily basis (which is a lot). When it came time for us to start on Friday, Kairah and I couldn’t have been more excited. This was the first time we had ever been trusted to run the Day Center, and luckily, we did not blow this opportunity. The clients were extremely well-behaved and everything moved very smoothly: this definitely had a lot to do with the help of Ms. Lucy in the clothing closet. This experience really shed a light on how much work Ms. Debra does on a daily basis, and it just increased the overflowing amount of respect I already had for her. It also showed me how many relationships I had built with many of the clients since I’ve been here. Most of them know my name and are now able to speak to me with comfort in knowing who I am as a person. These relationships truly make this internship memorable, and it is the exact outcome I wanted to have by the end of these 10 weeks.

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