This past week, I’ve had the opportunity to shadow at Coastal Family Health Clinic. I attended on their Homeless Healthcare Day, a day dedicated specifically to homeless clients who need healthcare assistance. The HCH program helps homeless clients (some of whom I recognize from Back Bay) receive health care services from the clinic for free. A select handful of clients come in with any concerns they may have, and they were addressed by the caseworker. I was able to sit and speak with the nurse practitioner, nurse, and amazing caseworker who took the time to shadow and mentor with me throughout the day. The reason this day of internship at Coastal Family Health was so important to me, is because I plan to go into Public Health and Epidemiology. Epidemiology is the study of diseases in groups and communities, or possibly how to control them. My respected professor Dr. Walter Davis is the person who encouraged me to go into this field, and I love it the more I learn about it. From this trip to Coastal Family Health, I was able to see behind the scenes what goes on at a clinic and get one on one time with clients and healthcare professionals alike. I can’t wait to back next week and learn so much more!

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