To sum up week 6 in one word, I would use “energetic!” This week, we had the privilege of working with some children at a local summer camp with our community health worker, Ms. Mary. The children’s ages ranged from ages 5-12. To say the least, they were full of so much energy and joy! We played every game one could imagine! The youngest children enjoyed high energy games such as “Red Rover”, “Duck Duck Goose”, “Tag”,and “Red light, Green light”. The older children seemed to enjoy “Four Square” and “Simon Says” more. I even had the pleasure of being a “human basketball hoop” where the kids would shoot balls into a hula hoop while I held it high in the air. The next day I had the opportunity to lead some art projects. We made butterflies and dragonflies out of pipe cleaners, did water paintings, and even had puzzle wars, which the older kids really enjoyed. The last day, we made delicious snacks such as “Apple Turn Overs” and Rice Crispy Treats! They LOVED them! Even the teachers and staff wanted to take a few with them after we left. I think it was very good for the kids to to learn to create, as well as engage in play in order to show them that when you spend time on something, great things can come from it. At the end of every day, the kids would always ask “Are you guys coming back tomorrow?”. I think they enjoyed our presence just as much as we enjoyed theirs, and to me that shows that our visits were successful! I’ll admit, even after the soreness after our long days of activities. 

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