Week six has almost perfectly catered to my aspirations later in life. We had the opportunity to assist Ms. Mary Tell with a summer camp at Gaston Point. Kairah and I were both in charge of the activities for separate days; I took over physical activities while Kairah took arts and crafts. Being the youngest of five children, I have always found myself being able to relate to young children well. I have found that if you treat them as if you are their friend and not their elder, they respond better, and they listen. This was my method when I began instructing the various groups of children, and it was very effective. Some of the activities we played were; freeze-tag, red rover, “red-light, green-light”, four-square, hula-hoop contest, jump-rope contest, and “duck-duck-goose”. I had a phenomenal time being able to interact with these children and helping them enjoy at least 30 minutes of their day. This helped me realize that I do want to work with kids in my future, and it also boosted my confidence in how well I can positively interact with them. The last day, Ms. Mary led the groups with cooking some healthy snacks, I found this day the most impactful for me, seeing that we were able to just sit down with the groups and talk. I did not think that these kids would be willing to just sit and talk, but once they felt that they were being heard and felt that they were being respected, they responded well (it also helped that they knew they had food coming). Week six was a success and I cannot wait for more.

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