It is week four and somehow, I am still being introduced to more parts of Back Bay Mission. The most memorable part of this week would have to be when I was able to shadow Ms. Sarah on her site visits. This was an opportunity for me to be able to see what her program is, along with being able to see some of our clients who are a functioning part of this program. When we visited these apartments, I was honestly shocked with the level of cleanliness that these apartments held. I was expecting the clients to struggle with adapting to living in these conditions, but from what I saw, this was not the case. I have also been able to spend a large portion of my time in the Micah Day Center. There is no real way to explain the feelings that I have when I can work with our Day Center clients. I find an immense joy in being able to just talk to them and to get to know them as people, not just a homeless population. Another beautiful thing coming out of this internship is the friendship that I have with the other intern, Kairah. Having a friend like that while being thirteen hours away from home, is making this a lot easier, and even more enjoyable than it already was. This internship is changing my heart in ways I only dreamed of, and I am only halfway done.

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