My first week here at Back Bay Mission was truly all I could have asked for and more.  As of now, we are mostly being introduced to the various departments that Back Bay Mission entails, and I can honestly say that I am/was shocked by how much truly goes into making a Nonprofit Organization work. From working the Food Pantry with Miss Twila, to visiting job sites with Mr. Kenney; this week has already proven to me that this is the type of work I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. Being submerged into the Micah Day Center with Miss Deborah has been my favorite part of this experience thus far. When I was thinking about what I wanted to get out of this experience, I knew that I would be the happiest working in the Micah Day Center, which ended up being 100% correct. It has been truly amazing to meet numerous clients and hear their various stories. Also, this past Saturday morning, Kairah and I had the opportunity to assist Miss Mary in watching over some of the client’s children. Seeing that I want to teach children in the Peace Corps after college, this was right down my alley. I loved being able to help these children have fun, and in turn helping their parent’s focus on gardening and not worrying about where their children were. Being so far away from home, I was somewhat worried that I was going to get homesick, but luckily, Kairah and I are getting along extremely well. My first week at Back Bay Mission has been everything and more than what I expected, I cannot wait to continue this experience.

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