It’s hunger and homelessness awareness week. This week we’ve looked at two of our emergency assistance programs: the food pantry (which helps people experiencing hunger) and the Micah Day Center (which helps people experiencing homelessness). Both of these ministries provide vital support for people struggling through difficult times. But it’s also important to help people avoid hunger and homelessness in the first place, and to help people escape quickly once they begin experiencing hunger and homelessness. 

Back Bay Mission has a variety of ministries designed to help people experiencing poverty avoid falling into hunger, homelessness, and other desperate circumstances. Our housing rehabilitation program is one such ministry. This program helps homeowners stay in their homes by providing necessary repairs and renovations. By helping people keep their homes affordable, maintainable, and sustainable, we ensure that those homeowners don’t fall into homelessness (and lose what is often their only major asset).

We also have ministries aimed at responding quickly to homelessness. Our rapid rehousing program helps people who are recently homeless find housing. This rapid response means that people don’t have to spend any more time than absolutely necessary living on the street (or staying with friend and relatives). Secure housing is necessary for an economically stable life, and rapid rehousing helps people have that vital resource.

While helping people who are hungry, homeless, or in another dire situation is an important part of our ministry, it’s often more effective to help people avoid those circumstances in the first place. And when people do fall into those kinds of situations, a rapid response keeps people from losing even more. These vital ministries are yet another way that Back Bay Mission strengthens neighborhoods, seeks justice, and transforms lives.

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