The Micah Day Center provides a variety of services to our low-income and homeless guests. Guests are able to take showers and have laundry done. They can use our computers, our phone number, and have mail delivered. They can receive clothes and get haircut. And, of course, the Micah Center is always a place of warm welcome and hospitality.

Everyone who comes to us is, first and foremost, the precious child of a loving God.

In addition to meeting the immediate needs of our guests, we provide resources so that they can improve their lives. Guests have access to help with their resumes, employment agencies, housing agencies, help with applications for entitlements, and so on. More than providing emergency assistance, the Micah Center helps improve the long term sustainability of its guests.

Finally, not everyone in need of our help can make it to the Micah Center. We also provide outreach services to people around Biloxi and Gulfport. This includes bus passes, hygiene kits, referrals to other organizations, glasses, propane for camp stoves, vouchers for laundry.

Figures in this report reflect services provided from January 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016.

You can also download a print-friendly version of the Micah Day Center report.

Please note that this is an unaudited report. These numbers may not perfectly reflect services provided.

Services Provided (Micah Day Center)

Showers Taken 

1st Quarter: 633

2nd Quarter: 700

Loads of Laundry Done

1st Quarter: 400

2nd Quarter: 419

Pieces of Mail Distributed

1st Quarter: 374

2nd Quarter: 428

Hygiene Kits Given Out

1st Quarter: 225

2nd Quarter: 211

Food Stamp Applications

1st Quarter: 49

2nd Quarter: 73

Telephone Calls Made

1st Quarter: 116

2nd Quarter: 153

Computer Services

1st Quarter: 48

2nd Quarter: 55

Haircuts Given

1st Quarter: 66

2nd Quarter: 58

Socks Distributed

1st Quarter: 381

2nd Quarter: 409

Services Provided (Homeless Outreach)

There is not a report available for Homeless Outreach Services during the second quarter of 2016. We hope to update this information with the third quarter report.

How You can Help 

When you make a gift to Back Bay Mission, you give people a place of extravagant welcome. You meet the immediate needs of low-income and homeless people, needs like showers and clean clothes. You also help people make better lives for themselves by connecting them to employment and housing services. You do so much to change the lives of the people your gift touches.

Your gift to the Micah Day Center, or any of our other ministries, makes a difference.

You can make your gift easily and securely right on this website.

You can also mail your gift to Back Bay Mission, PO Box 288, Biloxi, Mississippi 39533.

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