The Micah Day Center provides a safe and hospitable place for homeless and low-income people to connect to vital services. In a community with no homeless shelters, the Micah Center allows homeless individuals to access a variety of services in a single location.

For people who cannot make it to the Micah Day Center, the Mission offers homeless outreach services. Mission staff meet homeless individuals and families at various locations in Biloxi and Gulfport and prove services similar to those that people can receive at the Micah Center.

Showers and Laundry

We provide shower and laundry services. The Micah Day Center offers guests the opportunity to take showers and have laundry done. The Micah Center provides guests with towels, washcloths, soap, and shampoo. We also wash, dry, and fold up to two changes of clothing for guests. For people who are unable to come to the Micah Center, we provide vouchers for laundromats in their communities.

Clothing and Material Assistance

We provide clothing and material assistance. The Micah Day Center offers guests access to basic clothing, outerwear, toiletries, camping supplies, and eyewear. Some supplies are also delivered through homeless outreach to people who cannot come to the Micah Day Center.

Other Services

We provide a variety of other services. As there is need and as other opportunities are available, the Micah Day Center is able to provide haircuts, resume development, nutrition assistance applications, letters of residency, and transportation assistance. We also work to connect our guests with other agencies who may be able to provide help.

Mail, Phone, and Computer Access

We provide mail, phone, and computer services. Lack of access to critical communication tools is a major obstacle for homeless individuals. The Micah Day Center allows homeless individuals to use the Mission’s address and phone number as their own. We help guests maintain their dignity by not identifying ourselves as a service organization when answering calls for guests. Guests can also use Mission computers to help locate family members or search for housing or employment. We also provide limited fax services. For both Micah Center guests and people unable to come to the Micah Center, the Mission offers applications for SafeLink cell phones.