Micah Day Center Celebrates Third Anniversary

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Micah Day Center celebrates Third Anniversary.

After opening its doors three years ago, Back Bay Mission’s Micah Day Center continues to be a refuge for homeless individuals and families living on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. Since 2010 the Center has served over 5,000 people and continues to be an integral part of how the Mission serves the Gulf Coast community.

“I couldn’t imagine where my life would be if I had never entered the Micah Center. It’s because of the Micah Center that I was able to get into Home At Last and get my own apartment,” says Val Brock, who was homeless when he found the Micah Center in 2011.

Val’s story, though certainly heartwarming, is not his alone. Through the Micah Center many guests who were previously homeless have been able to find permanent housing and employment and ultimately a new start at life. The Micah Center is a place for small steps. It’s a place where faith and redemption are planted in just enough soil to give life to new opportunities.

After only three short years the, staff at the Micah Center have seen Val’s story unfold several times. Yet each time and with each success they are reminded of how truly special the Micah Center is, and how much the work done within the walls of the center really mean.

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