See a Housing Rehabilitation Project from Start to Finish

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Every year, hundreds of volunteers come to Back Bay Mission for a week at a time and help our housing rehabilitation program transform people’s living spaces. Of course, these projects usually take more than a week, leaving our volunteers seeing only a part of the work that is done.

So we thought we’d share a project with you. Start to finish. All the way through. If you’ve joined us on a Mission trip, we hope you’ll see what goes into a house and how the work you’ve done – whether on this house or another – fits into the larger project. If you’ve never joined us on a Mission trip, we hope this will help you visualize the truly amazing work our volunteers do.

The house we’ve chosen to show you belongs to a woman in her late 50’s with a physical disability that limits her movement. She survives on her Social Security disability check – less than $9,000 each year – and the fees she brings in from renting two of the bedrooms to known homeless women.

So what condition was the house in when we started?

The kitchen was in terrible condition and the appliances were awful.

None of the old wooden windows in the house locked or were sealed properly. There was no central air conditioning. The owner used multiple window units that sucked up electricity while the cool air ran out the gaps in the windows. Heat was supplied with by a gas operated floor furnace that sent warm air through a grate in the hallway to meander throughout the house.

The rear of the house had a back porch/laundry room with dangerous steps and profuse leaks that resulted in mold.

A window behind the shower surround also leaked – behind the shower wall!

That’s a lot of work to get done. Check out our Facebook gallery to see the transformation!

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