Somehow, five weeks have just flown by, and we are now halfway done.  I have made more memories down here than I even dreamed of, and I can feel myself growing as a person; both mentally and spiritually. When I first came down here, I was struggling with my faith and was desperately trying to find something to believe in. It took me about one day of working at Back Bay Mission to call back home and announce that I felt a greater power working here at Back Bay Mission. It shines through every employee, it shines through every client, it shines through every volunteer, truthfully, it just resonates through the whole campus. It is hard to call my parents’ and try to explain to them this feeling because I genuinely think you must come onto this campus and feel it to be able to understand.

I have been “church hopping” since I’ve been down here, and I had a life-altering experience at a Youth Revival service. I cannot explain the way I felt after we walked out of that service, but I can say that I haven’t stopped talking about it since.  I have my housemates, Bob and Nancy Bock, to blame for this—seeing they took me.

Back Bay Mission is showing me a lot of things, and I know that I am supposed to write about my activities of the past week, but I think this is just as important. I have never been this content and happy in my entire life, and though not all of that is due to Back Bay Mission, a great deal of it stems from this organization and those within it. I am eternally grateful and I cannot wait to experience five more weeks.

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