Every month, our program staff share stories about their work and the people they serve. We want to share some of those stories with you! This story is based from a story we were told by Twila Holloway, our Emergency Assistance Case Manager. We’ve done a little bit of editing for clarity.

Last Friday, a woman called Back Bay Mission, frantic because her electricity had been disconnected and she was late on her rent. She had recently been released from a behavioral health institution. While she was there, she signed power of attorney over to a family member. Power over her home, her children, and her bank account. And when she got out, almost everything had been taken from her.Now she had called to the Mission, begging for help for herself and her two children.

Twila, our emergency assistance case manager, got to work right away. It was 4:20 on Friday when the woman called. In 40 minutes, places would close for the weekend, including the electric company. If Twila was going to help this woman, she had to work fast.

She gathered the woman’s information, assessed her situation, and brought her into our system as a client. With minutes to spare, and cool weather in the forecast, Twila called the woman’s utility company and promised them that the bill would be paid. The company reconnected the electricity that day.

Over the coming months, Twila will work with this woman to help her get her life back on track and move towards self-sufficiency. That journey started with an emergency, a few minutes to solve it, and someone at Back Bay Mission who was willing to step up and help this woman. That is what we do.

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