Back Bay Mission’s community garden, God’s Green Acre, is a great place to see things grow. Not just the vegetable, of course, but the gardeners who tend them. Recently, our gardeners held a work day to harvest the vegetables they had grown. We saw two amazing things that day: their generous spirit and their progress towards self-sustainability.

The gardeners hesitated to pick the vegetables. The Master Gardeners who work with them had to explain that the plants would stop producing and die if they weren’t harvested. But the gardeners thought that someone else might need the food more than they did. They didn’t want to take all of the vegetables because someone else might need them more!

At the end of the day, everything was harvested. The gardeners split the vegetables into bags for each gardener to take home… plus one bag for a staff member to deliver to a gardener who was at home with a sick child. When the staff member delivered those vegetables, the gardener declined them. Then she showed the staff member her backyard, where she had planted her own garden full of the vegetables she had been taught to grow in God’s Green Acre. Not only did she show a generous spirit, she showed us that the is making progress on her journey to self-sustainability.

This is the work that God’s Green Acre and the other ministries of Back Bay Mission do every day. 

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