For more than 90 years, Back Bay Mission has served the poor and marginalized of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, guided by our mission and values.

Our Mission 

Everything that we do at Back Bay Mission stems from our mission: strengthening neighborhoods, seeking justice, transforming lives.

We strengthen neighborhoods through ministries like our education and empowerment programs and our housing rehabilitation program. These vital ministries help the people were serve be a part of, and build, their communities on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. As volunteers take what they learn at Back Bay Mission home with them, they have the opportunity to strengthen their own neighborhoods.

We seek justice by helping the people we serve become more involved in their communities, educating people about the realities of poverty, and advocating on behalf of marginalized people in our community.

All of our programs transform lives. Whether we’re helping a homeowner keep their home, mentoring a single mother as she plans her path out of poverty, or working with an intern who is thinking about a career in social work, we’re making the lives of the people we serve better.

Our Values 

Everything that we do is motivated by our eight core values.

Compassion: We walk with the people we serve. We listen to, learn from, empathize with, and partner with the individuals, families, and communities who seek our assistance.

Hospitality: We offer an extravagant and authentic welcome to everyone who comes into contact with our ministries, regardless of their personal circumstances or needs.

Integrity: We strive to align our spoken values and intentions with our lived work and behavior. We honor our commitments and maintain high ethical standards

Justice: We work to build communities where all of God’s gifts are shared equitably and where all of God’s children are given voice and opportunity.

Love: Jesus’ commandment to love one another characterizes all of our interactions. We seek to build a communal reality of embodied and enduring love.

Passion: We bring a deep and joyful commitment to our work. We persevere amidst obstacles and challenges.

Respect: We recognize the inherent dignity of everyone we work with and treat everyone as precious children of a loving God.

Service: We conduct our work in a spirit of humility. We find our highest purpose in working for the sake of the greater good rather than our own gain or notoriety.