2018 Back Bay Mission Donors: Thank you for strengthening neighborhoods, seeking justice, and transforming lives through your gifts to Back Bay Mission!  If you have sent in a donation and do not see your name or if your name is incorrect please contact the office, 228-432-0301 or email .  


June Adams
John and Jeannine Adams
Virginia Adolph
Tom Aeberhard
John and Mary Ahart
Rae Ann Alden
Phyllis Alderfer
Mireya Alexander
Jean Alexander
Rev. Elizabeth and Kenneth Allen
Crystal Allen
Leslie Amundson
Frances Anderson
Dewey Anderson
Robert G Anderson
Rev. Max and Dorothy Andrew
Rev. Robert and Barbara Aregood
Garold and Petrine Ashley
Larry Auck
Milton and Roberta Avila
Lorraine Babb
John Bachman
Robert and Cherri Baer
Martin and Betty Bailey
Elizabeth Bailey
Martha Baker
David and Margaret Baker
Alan Banister
Billy and Sharon Barger
William and Mickey Barkuloo
Eric & Hilary Barley
Greg and Mary Barnes
Cheryl Barnes-Miller
Julia Barrett
Elaine Bast
Jane Bastian
Patricia Bastian
Hank and Margie Bates
Joyce Bathke
John and Elsie Bauer
Martha Baumer
Robert and Lavon Bayler
Sissy Beacham
Michael and Virginia Beamish
Jane Bearden
Mary Beaumont
Mike and Maggie Beaumont
Lorrie Bechtel
Rev. Harlan and Ann Beckemeyer
Scott Becker
Maynard and Wanda Beemer
Katherine Behm
Robert and Cheryl Bendeich
Christopher and Videen Bennett
Paul Benton
Alan and Pam Benzschawel
Lynne Berendsen
Mary Berger
Edward and Elizabeth Bibic
Charlie and Gail Bishop
Gerald and Kay Bizjak
Diane Blake
Robert and Joyce Blanchard
Bill and Glenda Bobby
Bob and Nancy Bock
William Boesch Esq.
Jane Bond
James and Dale Bonds
Sarah Boone
Marilyn Borger
Nancy Bowden
Eva Bowden
Robert Boynton
Ann Bragdon
Kenneth and Susie Bragdon
Betty Jo Braun
Bob and Tassie Brautigam
Renae Breeland
Read Breeland
Margaret Brennan
Thomas Brenner
Brian Bretzing
Dr. Rambie and Frances Briggs
Rev. James and Sarah Bright
A. Beverly Brindle
Candice Bristol
William Brosnan
Phil and Ruth Brown
Ernest and Patricia Brown
Tonya Brown
Wilmer and Hulen Brown
Hebert Brown
Kathleen Brown Jensen
Nancy Brown-Koeller
Bob and Laura Bruce
Dennis Brunner
Linda Bryan
Mary Bryant-Miller
Ardell Brynildson
Larry Buchholz
Frank and Carol Buchmeier
Marcus and Jane Buehrer
Patrick Burke
Evelyna Burnett
William and Florence Burns
Laura Buschke
Thomas and  Peggy Butera
Bob Byrd
Joanne P. Calhoun
John Camp
Michelle Campbell
Jeff Carels
Diana (Dee) Carithers
David and Rosemary Carlson
Patricia Carpenter
John and Camille Carter
Sophia Casey
Joseph and Juanita Chambers
Stephanie Chapman
Larry and Claire
Jim and Celeste Clancy
Randall and Carla Clark
Monte Clark
Suzanne Clark
Dana Clark
Susan Coburn
Bill and Olive Cochran
Michael Coglianese
Rev. Glen and Marjorie Coleman
Jeanne Colleran
Cheryl Collins
Charles (Chuck) Collins
Mark and Gail Comden
Bruce and Sara Companik
James and Deborah Compton
Marilyn Elise Coney
Cynthia Cook
Rev. Jack and Nancy Cook
Roger and Lynn Cook
Rev. Edward and Joanne Coombs
Diane Cothern
Walt and Jean Cottrell
Frances Crawford
Christine P Crawford
Richard and Diane Creel
Laura R. Crouse
Rev. Linda and Randy Crowe
James Crowell
Revs. Joshua and Bette Crowell
Richard and Mary Crusius
Sharon Culbertson
Laurance and Dorothy Cunningham
Donald Curry
Harold and Betsey Cutler
Gary and Kathleen Dahn
Kathryn Danford
Patricia A. Daniels
John Davis
Janice Davis
Helen Davis
Sara Davis
Marian Dawson
Donna Debney
Suzanne Delarosa
Steven and Susie Demmy
Lisa Denson
Kelly Devine
Gloria Dibble
Rev. Thomas and Sandra Dipko
Jim and Linda Ditzler
Jeffrey McHarg and Elaine Dors
Jean Duermeier
John and Karen Dugan
Paul and Molly Dunford
Catharine Dunn
Luther and Diane Durgin
Walter Eades
Clint Eaves
Betty Edson
Rev. Dick and  Carol Eick
Dennis Ellman
 Jan and  Cathy Emrick
Patricia Engel
Eric Erickson
 Mark and  Susan Erickson
Gail Esters
 Will and  Louise Esteve
Jean Evans
 Chuck and  Carol Evans
Mary Sue Fairchild
 William and  Bonnie Falla
 Joseph and  Jen Fanning
 James and  Wendy Fanning
Wilma Farmer
Linda Feister
Dorothy Felson
Mitzi Feo
Beth Ferrari
 Martin and  Kathy Fisher
Ministry of Encouragement, Inc.
Sarah Flach
Bobbie Flaherty
 Carl and  Mary Flaks
 Ken and  Lana Fleischmann
Rev. Donald and  Jo Flick
Gregory Foley
 Tom Foley and  Judy Stephens-Foley
 Kenneth and  Mary Foote
 Dan and  Bonnie Forry
Kathryn Forry
 Douglas and  Maile Fowler
 Robert and  Sue Fread
Marilyn Freeman
 Bradford and  Lisa Freeman
Julie Frels
Helen Frey
Philip and Lynn Frisby
Karen Frisinger
 John and  Jill Fritz
 Neil and  Sandra Fuller
Marilyn Gaddis
Margaret Gaeth
Bob and Becky Galkiewicz
 Sandy and  Al Gall
Esther Gallant
Sharon Galle
Ben Galloway
Dr. Paul and  Marilyn Gander
Rev. John Gantt
Rev. Patricia and  Garland Gates
Brent Gauthreaux
Trisha Gehler
Diane Gehman
Maurice Geiger
Rebecca Gesing
Ron Gesme
Holly Gibbs
Janet Gibson
Ruth Giesebrecht
Melynda Giesenschlag
 Bill and  Linda Gilbert
 Kevin and  Carla Gilbert
Bobbi Gilbert
 Richard and  Kristine Gill
Nancy Glenz
Lawrence Gloe
Marian Gmeiner
Edward Gobrecht
Patricia Goldberg
Rafael Gonzales Sr.
 Eric and Rev. Jill Goodman
Thomas L. Gorham
 Robert and  Ann Goss
Rev. Charlotte and  Charles Gosselink
 Robert and  Deborah Gough
Mary Gower
 Tom and  LouAnn Graf
 K. Edwin Graham
Rev. Alice Graham Ph.D.
Robert H. Graham
 Charles and  Princella Graham
Susan Grant Rosen
 Robert and  Ronda Gray
Rev. Stephen and  Lenni Gray
 Dennis and  Vita Green
Tim and Kim Greene
Dr. John and  Susan Greenwood
 Jim and  Mary Gregory
 Greg and  Linda Grice
Diane Griffith
 Emory and  Gwen Grove
 Don and  Pat Grove
 Richard and  Judie Guhl
Stephanie Guirola
Kathleen Habermehl
Muriel Hachfeld
Phyllis Hackler
Charles Hadley
Elsa Hager
Brandon Hall
Ken Hall
Pam Swords Hall
Jim and Merry Hamilton
 Charles and  Karen Harmel
LaDerrick Harmon
Dr. John and  Georgiana Harris
Bernhard Harst
Donald Hart
 Richard and  Angelica Harter
Sarah Hartman
 Charles and  Sally Harvey
Mary Haskins
Mary Anne Hayward
 Ken and  Joyce Heasley
Kirsten Hebron
 James and  Wyonne Hegland
Janet Heiden
 Dave and  Loretta Heigle
Norma Heinbuch
 Sue Helvig
Susie Hendrick
 George and  Parmie Herman
Betty Hibler
 Tim and  Marie Higgins
 Steve and  Shelah Hoblin
 Sylvester and  Christine Hoffman
 Michael and  Angeline Holdaway
Marilyn Holland
 Clarence and  Jane Holland
 Mark and  Mary Hollinger
Twila Holloway
Vertia Mae Holmes
Ella Holmes-Hines
J. P. Holtz
Marilyn Homeister
Dr. Eugene and  Joan Homeister
Odessa Hooker
The Hornung Family
Rev. Alvin and  Marilyn Horst
Virginia Howard
Doris Howard
Denise Howell
Lynda Huey
Betty Hughes
 Allen and  Rosalind Humes
 Joseph and  Nancy Hummert
Carol Hundley
John Hundley
 Barbara and  John Hunter
 Marvin and  Janelle Hupp
Rev. George and  Becky Hurter
Marge Hyer
Edward Ikerd
 John and  Judith Ingram
June Irvin
Fran Isaac
Burton Iverson
Rev. Fred and  Judy Jahnke
 James and  Debby Jarvis
Florence Jeffreys
Lillian W. Jenkins
Nicole Johns
Roger and Teresa Johns
Brent Johnson
Judith Jones
Jean Jordan
Joan Jordan
Debra Joseph
Howard Kanetzke
Linnea Karpenske
 Wayne and  Carol Karsteadt
 Robert and  Norma Keller
Carlitta Cole Kelly
Rev. John and  Sharon Kemp
Paul Kiewit
Margo Kilbon
Phyllis Klaiber
 Peter and  Nancy Klingeman
Bill Klossner
Rev. John and  Joanne Klueter
Vicki Knaup
Janice L Knaup
Lynda Knight
Beth Knight
B Jeanne Koch
Beverly Komula
Rev. James and  Barbara Korpik
 Eugene and  Elizabeth Kotrla
 John and  Suzanne Kouns
 Joe and  Terri Krabill
Darleen Kraemer
 David and  June Krause
Jonathan Krause
 Susan and  Oliver Krechel
Jim Krier
 Robert and  Betty Kueker
 Gustav and  Suzanne Kuether
 Charles and  Kimberly Kuhn
Rev. Ronald and  Elaine Kurtz
J. Bernard Kynes Sr.
 Peter and  Irene Labombarde
 Jeffrey and  Pamela Lacina
Thomas L Lammers
 James and  Leslie Landenberger
 Bruce and  Betty Landis
John R. Lange
 Martha Lape
 William and  Geraldine LaSalle
 John and  Cynthia Lasker
Vergel L. Lattimore III
Kathy Lawes
 Jeff and  Alice Lawson
Phyllis Leaman
Linda Leinweber
 Sharon Leonard and  Jan Adams
 Jim and  Barbee Lester
A. Vinton Lewis
 Everett and  Cecy Lewis
Alberta Lichte
Beverly Lindsey
Nancy Litzinger
Jason Lirgg
 Audie and  Alice Lloyd
Delores Loewe
Phil Long
Joan Longmire
Paul Longstreth
Vicky Looney
Rev. Doyle and  Marian Luckenbaugh
Lynn Lundberg
 Roy and  Janelle Lundy
 Vincent and  Lois Lunetta
 Bill and  Linda Lyman
Dr. W.A. and  Nancy Lyons
 David and  Nancy Madsen
John Magee
Vincent Maggio
 Gerald and  Marilyn Mallott
Wendy Malwitz
 Linda and  Richard Mangnall
 Greg and  Brenda Marin
Marcia Marino
Nancy Marks
Carolyn Marks
Laretta Marks
 Cerdric and  Nancy Marsh
Glenda Marshall
Nancy Martier
Scott Martin
 Karen Martin and  Wendy Brown
 Allen and  Susan Mathieu
 William and  Ellen Matten
Maria Mavar
 Wayne McCaffery and  Sally Topinka
 William and  Eileen McCarron
 Daniel and  Mari McCarty
Darnell McCormick
Jennifer McCullough
Rev. John and  Susan McFadden
Sheila McGowan
Charles and  Christina McKenrick
Tom and Kristine McKenzie
Mary G McKinney
Raymos McMillon
Anthony McNair
Terry McNealy
Gladys Meade
 Mark and  Meta Meckstroth
Luke Melillo
Edna Menchhofer
Carol Merriman
Claudia Merthan
 Larry and  Mary Metcalf
Mike Metcalf
 Mike Meyer
Beverly Mhlanga
 Anthony Miceli and  Toni Breaux
Alan and Elaine Mikesell
Timothy Milford
Rev. Earl and  Patricia Miller
 John and  Mary Miller
 Carl and  Carol Miller
Tracy Miller
Sara Miller
Ruth Minter
Elijah Mitchell
Gregory Mittman
 George and  Sandra Mohn
Sherry Montgomery
Geraldine Mooers
 David Mook and  Kathleen Stodgell
 Richard and  Susan Morey
Nancy Morgan
Bill Morris
Priscilla Morrison
Donna Morrison
Mary Beth Moseley
 Willis Moser
 Carlys and  Laura Moser
Andy Mosier Sr.
Andrew Mosier
Allen Mothershed
Barbara Mueller
Elizabeth Myers
 Allen and  Judith Myrick
 William and  Rozella Nagy
Elizabeth and Reuel Nash
Jean Neal
Joyce Nedset
Lucille Nelsen
 James and  Sharon Nelson
Allan Nereim
Gene Newman
Carol Newton
Dr. Donald and  Sharon Nichols
Susan Nodurft
 Perry and  Shirley Noe
Mary Ellen Norman
 Tim and  Jacquelyn O’Brien
Gerald O’Connor
Edith O’Donnell
Geraldine M. Oeth
Linda Offenbecher
Janet Olt
Patricia O’Reilly
 Richard and  JoAnne Orr
Ellen Ott
 James and  Judith Ownbey
George Palmer
Kenneth Park
 Jim and  Ruth Park
Jane Parker
John Paton and Joan Thompson
Gerald Paulison
Laura Payne
Janis S Peak
Richard J. and Sandra L. Pech
 John and  Ellen Pecoul
Ruth Peeples
 Edna Pelto
Allytra Perryman
 Charles and  Roberta Peter
 Don and  Monica Peters
Bob and Barb Peterson
Roberta Peterson
 Ernest and  Mary Phillips
 Franklin and  Dorothy Piper
Richard A. Plant
 Raymond and  Janet Poet
Mary Porter
Lois Potts
Sharon Prestemon
 John and  Sheryl Prestemon
Ernestine Purnell
 Richard and  Judith Quanrud
Thomas Queen
Jasmine Quinerly
Willard Rabert
 Bill and  Connie Radtke
Robert Rapp
 Scott and  Kim Raybuck
 Allen and  Joyce Raymond
The Raymond Family
Chris Reiss
 Ronald and  Cheryl Reissmann
Janet Reitzel
Rev. Tom Ressler and  Lorin Cope
Barbara Richards
 Craig and  Katherine Richardson
 and  William Richter
 Wells and  Karen Ridenour
Claire Rider
Gloria Rieder
 Robert and  Marilyn Riedesel
Jean Ring
Rev. Richard and  Jo Rinker
 Steve and  Signe Rizzi
James Roberds
 Cameron and  Carlene Roberts
Betty Robinson
 Anne Rock
 Ben and  Barb Roder
Rev. John and  Susan Rodgers
 Matthew and  Talia Rodgers
 Rudolf and  Betty Roggenkamp
 Edgar and  Linda Roosa
Richard Rosetta
Dr. David and  Sara Ross
Randall Lyn Roth
 Harold Rucker and  Roberta McReynolds
 Allen and  Carolyn Rudolph
Sidney L Rushing
Shari Russell
William and  Mary Ruth
Ruthann Ryberg
Nancy Sales
Phil and  Barbara Salstrom
Ralph Sanderson
Amy Scheer
James Schilawski
Rev. Arlan and  Sharon Schlundt
Donald and  Barbara Schmidt
Helen L. Schneider
Rev. Edward and  Goldie Schneider
John and  Rosanna Scholl
George and  Joyce Schowalter
Rev. Alfred and  Catherine Sprague
Barbara Schuette
Dick and  Nancy Schultz
Sandra Schulz
 Jim and  Margaret Schulz
 Martin and  Margaret Schumacher
Jerry Schumm
Gary and  Kathy Scott
Mark Seamans
Bob and  Martha Selby
Margaret Sessa
Craig and  Pam Setera
Rev. Jack and  Fanny Seville
Lisa Shannon
Paul and  Mary Sherry
Julie Shuell
Joy Barker Shurts
Charlie and  Rebecca Sielman
L. and  Beverly Silliphant
Pamela Simpson
Raymond Foster Small
Robyn Small
Richard and  Carolyn Small
Bill and  Jan Smith
Loretta Smith
Don Smith
Robin Smith
LaShaundra Smith
David Snyder
Alexa Sorant
Jean Souther
Sabrina Spears
 Robert and  Joyce Spencer
Brandi Stage
Kathryn Stambaugh
Lavern and  Lois Stapfer
Rev. Charles and  Bonnie Stark
Craig and  Kristyn Steenkamp
Monte and  Kristen Stenger
Rev. David and  Karlyn Stephens
Barbara Sterling
Marianne Stern
 Don and  Fay Stevenson
 Jeff and  Christine Stinehelfer
Patricia Stone
 Clarence and  Mary Stone
Rev. Don and  Bea Stoner
 Donald and  Jeanette Storck
 Alice Stratemeyer
 Walter and  Shirley Strauch
The Street Family
Michael Streiff
Keith Stuart
 Petra and  Laren Stuessy
Rev. Clarence and  Margaret Stumb
Shawn Sullivan
W. Michael Sunderman
 Thomas and  Marcia Suter
 James and  Betty Sutton
 Ralph and  Joan Talmage
 James and  Valerie Tanzilli
 Stephen and  Alyce Taxe
Revs. David Taylor and Jane Hawken
 Clifford and  Mary Tebeau
Mary Tell
Gerald Tell
 William and  Edith Temte
Richard and Brenda Tharp
Peggy Thiessen
Barbara Thomas
Barbara Jill Thomas
 Earl and  Sylvia Thompson
Karen Tielkemeier
Dorothy Smith Tinsler
 Howard and  Betsy Tobak
Jennifer Tousignant
Rev. Robert and  Gladys Treichel
 Robert and  Betsie Tremant
Leslie Troxel
 Steve and  Christine Tubbs
Rev. Robert and  Margaret Tucker
Marcella Upton
Frances Vadney
Rev. Kate VanDerzee-Glidden and  Rob Glidden
Elia Vasilopoulos
Gary Veglia
Rev. Paul and Rev. Wanda Veldman
John and Jane Veldman
 Wayne and  Harriet Gowe
 Karl and  Jean Vercouteren
Sara Verdick
 James and  Nancy Vodra
Ann Vogel
Judy Voght
 George and  Shirley Waldock
Gary Wallace
Bradley Walmer
Michelle Ward
 David Ward and Rev. Jane Courtright
Mary & Mark Warhol
 Robert and  Margaret Wayne
Rev. Stacy and  Evie Weaver
 David and  Anne Weaver
Nancy Weaver
James Wedge
 Thomas and  Anne Wehrly
Rev. Nelson and  Elaine Weller
Anne Weller Hansen
 Rollin and  Kay Wellington
Debra Welz
 Ralph and  Karen Westendorf
Esther Westermeyer
Mark and Bonnie Westtcott
Elaine W Wheeler Brickner
 Larry and  Linda Whippie
 Robert and  Keitha Whitaker
 Terry and  Olivia White
 Tom and  Susan White
Joann White
Rosemary White
 Mark and  Patricia Whitehouse
Rev. Richard and  Esther Whitney
 John and  Johanna Will
Rodger Williams
Eliot Williams
 Ira and  Carol Williams
Lorena Williams
Paul E Windham
John Winger
Richard Wochos
 Bill and  Michelle Wolfe
John Wood
Dane Woodberry
Caprie Wooden
 Alvin and  Norean Woodin
John Woodling
Betty Woodman
Rick Woodring
 Mark and  Linn Woodward
 Robert and  Susan Woodward
Daniel Wright
 William and  Virginia Wuebker
Andy Yehl
 David and  Marcia Yochum
Janet Young
Carolyn S. Young
Randy Young
Fred Zimmerman
Dawn Zobrist
Tom Zoelzer
 Charles and  Lynne Zwerg


1213 Jewelry, LLC
Acton Congregational Church (Acton, MA)
Amazon Smile
Amherst Community Church (Snyder, NY)
Bancorp South
Bath Church, UCC (Akron, OH)
Best Buy Employee Giving Program
Best Western Oak Manor Motel (Biloxi, MS)
Bethany Congregational UCC (San Antonio, TX)
Bethany UCC (Freeport, IL)
Bethel UCC (Bethel, ME)
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Boat People S.O.S., Inc.
Brownhelm Congregational UCC (Vermillion, OH)
Buckland UCC (Buckland, OH)
Cable Congregational UCC (Cable, WI)
Center Congregational Church (Manchester, CT)
Center Congregational Church-Missions Committee (Meriden, CT)
Central Congregational UCC (Atlanta, GA)
Central Congregational UCC (Dallas, TX)
Chapel Hill UCC (Louisvile, KY)
Christ Church UCC (Evansville,IN)
Christ Congregational UCC Brockton, MA)
Christ UCC  (Cypress, TX)
Christ UCC (Dupo, IL)
Christ UCC (Orrville, OH)
Christ United Church (Athens, WI)
Coastal Family Health Center
College Hill & Baseline St. John UCC (Bloomville, OH)
Columbia UCC (Columbia, MO)
Community Bank (Gulfport, MS)
Community Church of Chesterland (Chesterfield, OH)
Community Church of Richmond (Richmond, IL)
Community Congregational Church (Elburn, IL)
Community Congregational Church (New Prt Rchy)
Congregational Church (South Hero, VT)
Congregational Church of Weston (Weston, MA)
Congregational Church Roxbury, CT)
Congregational UCC (Arlington Heights, IL)
Congregational UCC (St. Charles, IL)
Connecticut Conference of the UCC
Coral Isles Church (Tavernier, FL)
Cross Church (Seguin, TX)
David’s UCC (Kettering, OH)
Divine Preschool Academy Inc
Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church (New Haven, CT)
Dollar General
Dover Congregational UCC (Westlake, OH)
East Side Congregational UCC (Binghamton, NY)
East Woodstock Congregational Church (East Woodstock, CT)
Edwards Congregational Church (Davenport, IA)
Emmanuel UCC (Sebring, FL)
Express Business SVC Tax Office Inc
Faith UCC (Altoona, PA)
Faith UCC (Center Valley, PA)
Faith UCC (New Braunfels, TX)
Faith United Methodist Church (Arcanum, OH)
Federated Church of Castleton (Castleton, VT)
Federated Church of Orleans (east Orleans, MA)
First Church in Jaffrey (Jaffrey, NH)
First Church of Christ (Glastonbury, CT)
First Church of Christ (Woodbridge, CT)
First Church of Christ in Simsbury (Simsbury, CT)
First Community Church (Columbus, OH)
First Community UCC (Ddallas, TX)
First Congregational Church (Austin, MN)
First Congregational Church (Columbus, OH)
First Congregational Church (falmouth, MA)
First Congregational Church (Genesco, IL)
First Congregational Church (Grand Marais, MN)
First Congregational Church (Greene, NY)
First Congregational Church (Hopkinton, NH)
First Congregational Church (Manchester, VT)
First Congregational Church (Portland, CT)
First Congregational Church (Wallingford, CT)
First Congregational Church (Washington, CT)
First Congregational Church (West Dundee, IL)
First Congregational Church (Williamantic, CT)
First Congregational Church of Houston (Houston, TX)
First Congregational Church of Spencer (Spencer, MA)
First Congregational Church of Stratford (Stratford, CT)
First Congregational Church of Waterbury (Waterbury, CT)
First Congregational Church of Watertown (Watertown, CT)
First Congregational Church of Western Springs (Western Springs, IL)
First Congregational Church of Westfield (Westfield, MA)
First Congregational UCC (Appleton, WI)
First Congregational UCC (Dekalb, IL)
First Congregational UCC (Elyria, OH)
First Congregational UCC (New London, WI)
First Congregational UCC (Plymouth, WI)
First Congregational UCC (Sarasota, FL)
First Congregational UCC (Wadena, MN)
First Congregational UCC (Zumbrota, MN)
First Missionary Baptist Church (Gulfport, MS)
First Presbyterian Church (Tiffin, OH)
First UCC (Fremont, OH)
First UCC (Irwin, PA) – Women’s Fellowship
First UCC (Millvale, PA)
Florida Conference of the UCC
Friedens Church of Washington (Washington, TX)
Friedens UCC (St. Charles, Missouri)
Friedens UCC (Sumneytown, PA)
Friends Congregational Church, UCC (College Sta, TX)
Garden Park Medical Center
German Township – St. Paul’s UCC (Evansville, IN)
Ginkgo Liquor and Wine
Grace UCC (Wausau, WI)
Gulf Coast Community Foundation (Gulfport, MS)
Gulf Coast Movers
Harrison County Board of Supervisor’s
Haskins Community Church (Haskins, OH)
Help for Mom LLC
Hope Credit Union
Hope Federal Credit Union
Hope United (Georgetown, TX)
Howell CPA, PA
Huntington Congregational Church, UCC (Shelton, CT)
Illinois Conference UCC
Immanuel UCC (Clarksville, IA)
Immanuel UCC (Peotone, IL)
Immanuel United Church (Spring, TX)
IP Casino, Resort, and Spa (Biloxi, MS)
Jefferson Street United Methodist Church UMYF (Natchez, MS)
Keesler Federal Credit Union
Keesler Spouses’ Club
Lakeland University
Law Office of Becky Farrell, PLLC
Linda Toch & Company, Inc.
Little Farms UCC
Lucky Enterprises Inc. of DE
Lytton-Zion UCC (Delta, OH)
Memorial UCC (Fitchburg, WI)
Merit Health 
MGM Resorts Foundation
Minnesota Conference UCC
Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic Foundation
Mississippi Power Foundation, Inc.
Moody Grishman Agency, Inc.-Milton Grishman
Mt. Zion UCC (Wapwallopen, PA)
Mystic Congregational Church (Mystic, CT)
NCBC Seabee Memorial Chapel
Network for Good
Newman Congregational Church (Rumford, RI)
North Bay Heating & Air
North Community Church (Marshfield Hills, MA)
North Congregational Church (New Hartford, CT)
North Haven Congregational Church (North Haven, CT)
Northrop Grumman
Northwest Ohio Association of the UCC
Northwest Wisconsin Association UCC
One Stop All Shop LLC
Orange Congregational Church (Orange, CT)
Orocon Construction
Oxford Congregational Church, UCC Oxford, CT)
Parkway UCC (Saint Louis, MO)
Peace Community UCC (Waldo, OH)
Peace Lutheran Church (Oshkosh, WI)
Peace UCC (Berrysburg, PA)
Peace UCC (Merrillville, IN)
Pilgrim Church (Pt Charlotte. FL)
Pilgrim Church (Silver Spring, MD)
Pilgrim Congregational UCC (Houston, TX)
Pilgrim Congregational UCC (St. Petersburg, FL)
Pilgrim Faith UCC (Oak Lawn, IL)
Pilgrim UCC (Cincinnati, OH)
Pilgrim UCC (Fond Du Lac. WI)
Pleasant Hill Community UCC (Pleasant Hill, TN)
Pleasant Hill UCC (Pleasant Hill, OH)
Pleasant Run UCC (Indianapolis, IN)
Plymouth Congregational Church (Coconut Grove, FL) – Women’s Fellowship
Quincy Point Congregational (Quincy, MA)
Redeemer UCC (Marion, TX)
Redeemer UCC (Sussex, WI)
Renaissance Community Loan Fund
Roberts Congregational UCC (Roberts, WI)
Rocky Hill Congregational Church (Rocky Hill, CT)
Round Grove UCC (Lewisville, TX)
S&W Spirits LLC
Salem UCC (Plymoth, WI)
Salem UCC (Waukon, IA)
Sam’s Club #8236
Secondline Mardi Gras Club (Biloxi, MS)
Slavonian Ladies Auxiliary
Sock Enterprises Inc.
South Central Conference UCC
South Congregational Church (East Hartford, CT)
South Congregational Church (Kennebunkport, ME)
South Livonia UCC (Livoniaa, NY)
Spring Hill UCC (Spring Hill, FL)
St John’s UCC (Tiffin, OH)
St Peter and St Paul UCC (Cincinnati, OH)
St. Anthony Park UCC (St. Paul, MN)
St. Jacob UCC (Saint Jacob, IL)
St. Jacobs UCC (York New Salem)
St. John UCC (Defiance, OH)
St. John’s Baseline UCC (Bloomville, OH) – Women’s Guild
St. John’s Christian Church (Archbold, OH)
St. Johns Evangelical UCC (Saint Louis, MO)
St. John’s UC (New Athens, IL)
St. John’s UCC (Burton, TX)
St. John’s UCC (Clarence, IA)
St. John’s UCC (Fairmont, MN)
St. John’s UCC (Genoa, OH)
St. John’s UCC (Kankakee, IL)
St. John’s UCC (LaCrosse, WI)
St. John’s UCC (Rosenberg, TX)
St. John’s UCC (Vincennes, IN)
St. Johns UCC (Waverly, IA)
St. Mark UCC (Chicago Heights, IL)
St. Mark UCC (Covington, KY)
St. Matthew UCC (Wheaton, IL)
St. Paul UCC (Columbia, Illinois)
St. Paul UCC (New Brennen, OH)
St. Paul UCC (Wapakoneta, OH)
St. Paul UCC (Warren, MI)
St. Paul’s Evangelical & Reformed Church (Dallas, TX)
St. Paul’s UCC (Attica, NY)
St. Paul’s UCC (Donnellson, IA)
St. Paul’s UCC (Evansville, IN)
St. Paul’s UCC (Oak Harvor, OH)
St. Paul’s UCC (Saint Marys, OH)
St. Paul’s UCC (St. Paul, MN)
St. Peter UCC (Houston, TX)
St. Peter’s Church of Coupland (Coupland, TX)
St. Peter’s Evangelical UCC (Kewanee, IL)
St. Peter’s UCC (Elmhurst, IL)
St. Peter’s UCC (Lykens, PA)
St. Peter’s UCC (Skokie, IL)-Women’s Guild
Storrs Congregational Church, UCC (Storrs, CT)
The Congregational Church of Austin, UCC (Austin, Texas)
The Federated Church of Hyannis (Hyannis, MA)
The First Church in Windsor (windsor, CT)
The First Congregational Church (Greenwich, CT)
The First, A National Banking Association
The Peoples Bank (Biloxi, MS)
The United Church of Christ (Pittsville, WI)
The United Church of Christ in Keene (Keene, NH)
The University of Southern Mississippi
The Western Reserve and Eastern Ohio Associations of the UCC
Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel (Biloxi, MS)
Trinity Church, UCC (Canal Fulton, Ohio)
Trinity Community Church (Berwyn, IL)
Trinity Community Church (Cincinnati, OH)
Trinity Great Swamp UCC (Spinnerstown, PA)
Trinity Lutheran (Joppa, MD)
Trinity UCC (Brookfield, WI)
Trinity UCC (New Lebonon, OH)
Trinity UCC (Tiffin, OH)
Trinity UCC (Wooster, OH)
Trout Farms Inc.
Union Congregational Church (Churchville, NY)
Union Congregational Church (North Reading, MA)
Union Congregational Church (Tavares, FL)
Union Congregational Church (Upr Montclair, NJ)
Union Congregational Church (Wollaston, MA)
Union Congregational Church UCC (Elk River, MN)
United Church of Christ Congregational (Clinton, MI)
United Church of Christ San Angelo (San Angelo, TX)
United Church of Christ, Southbury (Southbury, CT)
United Church of Dorset and East Rupert Dorset, VT)
United Congregational Church – Women’s Fellowship (Baudette, MN)
United Congregational Church of Lubbock (Lubbock, TX)
United Congregational Church of Tolland, UCC (Tolland, CT)
United States Marine, Inc.
United Way of South Mississippi-Operating Account
Unity Church of Gulfport (Gulfport, MS)
US Bank-Edward Ozias Trust
Veedum Moravian Church (Pittsville, WI)
Veedum Moravian Church (Pittsville, WI-Women’s Fellowship
Walmart Foundation
Weems Chapel United Methodist Women (Picayune, MS)
Wells Fargo Foundation
West Center Church Congregational (Bronxville, NY)
Weybridge Congregational Church (Weybridge, VT)
Wisconsin Conference of the UCC
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Foundation (Sandusky, OH)
Zion UCC (Decatur, IN)
Zion UCC (New Baden, IL)
Zion UCC (North Canton, OH)
Zion UCC (Union, MO)
Zion UCC (Waukon, IA)