Thank you for the positive feedback we’ve received so far on listing local sales! We still need help with our Client Choice Food Pantry so every Wednesday, we will continue to share some of the best deals at our local supermarkets. Anyone who is already shopping can add a few of our much-needed items for the Food Pantry for a bargain!

This week we are sharing some great deals from SE Grocer, Winn Dixie, Rouses and Food Giant. We’d like to highlight the deal for mashed potatoes at Food Giant: Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes are 5 for $5 or basically $1 each! We are looking to restock the food pantry with this very popular food item; our goal is to collect at least 150 packs!!

For more information or to set-up a donation drop-off, please contact Carlin at 228-432-0301.

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