We’re trying something new: putting the photos our wonderful volunteers take on our website! You may be used to seeing them on Facebook, but we’re going to try putting them here and sharing them to our social media channels. This means you’ll be able to find links to them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you like it (or don’t), please let us know in the comments!

This gallery is from our friends at the United Church of Christ of Pittsville in Pittsville, Wisconsin!

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  • Casey Crosby says:

    Volunteers. For me, the only good to come of Hurricane Katrina were the throngs of volunteers who came from all over. I was a widow, in my late 50s when Katrina hit, flooding my house with nearly five feet of nasty water and toxic mud. Three days later, I made my way to Slidell to my home. I opened my front door, peeked in, saw the mess, closed the door and walked back to my car wondering how on Earth I would ever see my house made whole again. (I was fortunate to have friends who took me in until I got my “FEMA Trailer.”) Two months later, while struggling to clear out my flooded house, I looked up and saw a van drive up. Out stepped a dozen or so college students from Denton, TX. “We’re here to help.” Talk about words that were music to my ears! In one day, they cleared and gutted my house, taking all my belongings to the curb. And they did it joyfully! Always considerate of my “possessions.” “We can save this, Miss Casey. We can wash it for you.” And at day’s end, when I tried to thank them? “No, Miss Casey!!! WE want to thank YOU for allowing us to help you!” To say they were an awesome group of young folks doesn’t even come close. A few days later, Pastor Keith Boyer and Chuck Whipple, from Faith Bible Church in Slidell, walked up, introduced themselves and said they were there to help me rebuild. I told him I was a heathen and didn’t go to church. His answer? “Oh, don’t worry–we help heathens, too.” lol And they did. Through them, countless volunteer teams came and within a few months, I was back in my home, very grateful for all their help. I stopped counting after about 60 different volunteers, but I remember sooooo many of them and still keep in touch with some, including Keith and Cyndi Boyer who have since moved to PA. I can never fully thank them and all the volunteers, but, I do try to “pay it forward” by doing volunteer work myself. I was able to help some of the flood victims of Denham Springs, La, following the fall floods and again recently with the tornado victims of New Orleans East. I’ll be moving to the MS gulf coast in a few weeks and plan to find new ways to volunteer. In the meantime. from someone who’s been on the receiving end of volunteer help, I say–thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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